Le Figaro

The opening of two splendid hotels, Le Barthélemy and Villa Marie, casts a new light on this Caribbean jewel. An invitation to good food, turquoise bathing and nature activities: surfing, hiking, paddle, yoga... Saint Barth or the art of recharging your batteries.

Le Figaro

"You're going to Saint-Barth? What luck, you'll love it! You can see sea turtles underwater when you paddle in the lagoon, just opposite the hotel! When it comes to talking about Saint-Barthélemy, you can't get more enthusiastic than Guy Martin.

Frenc cuisine diner - François Plantation
Flambé dishes - François Plantation - Exotic and french cuisine

On the heights of Colombier, Villa Marie plays a different, more subdued score, in the colonial register. Antique varangue, carefully selected furniture and, from the terrace of the wooden bungalows, a view of the island's hills, the Anse des Flamands and the Atlantic Ocean. We would love to stay in these luxury cabins until time forgets us.

In Colombier, Villa Marie Saint-Barth, the newest charming address on the island! This former hotel has retained its colonial style, enhanced by the addition of furniture found all over the world by Jocelyne Sibuet, the founder of Les Fermes de Marie in Megève. Teak varangue, mahogany armchair, bamboo console or mother-of-pearl marquetry... A tropical chic style of the most beautiful effect, different from one bungalow to another. No access to the sea, but a delightful tropical garden and a breathtaking view of the Anse des Flamands from the 18 bungalows and villas (including 2 dream villas with private pool), spread over a lushly vegetated property. Swimming pool, spa and great food.

Refined cuisine in a setting that is no less refined, that of the Villa Marie. A subdued colonial atmosphere, a cigar bar and a rum cellar. On the plates: ouassous flambéed with old rum, roasted red tuna with sweet spices and mahi-mahi ceviche...

Varangues - Rum and Cocktails Bar