Our new Italian restaurant

For aficionados of authentic and refined Italian cuisine, discover our new address in Saint-Barth, the Dolce Vita.

Italian Restaurant Saint-Barth

Italian cuisine, romantic and sunny in Saint-Barth

A change of course at Villa Marie Saint-Barth, which has invited Italy to its new table, Dolce Vita. We embark, seduced by the rococo charm of the Tropics and the colorful fantasy of Sicily, to arrive in a chic and glam colonial decor enhanced with lemon yellow, decorated with cheerful and sunny ceramic frescoes and beautiful rattan and exotic wood furniture.

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restaurant saint-barth italian bar

A romantic address where a delicious feeling of insouciance hovers. Here you can enjoy the best of this Mediterranean island of insolent beauty, with Italian music playing in the background, away from the crowd from the heights of Colombier: spaghetti alle vongole, escalopine al limone, squid all'arrabbiata or pasta Cacio and Pepe flambéed in a wheel of parmesan cheese. Not to mention the desserts.

A new table to discover urgently in Saint-Barth.

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